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Reader, it’s Jane Eyre - Crash Course Literature 207

In which John Green teaches you about Charlotte Brontë’s classic coming of age novel, Jane Eyre. Look, we don’t like to make judgement values here, but Jane Eyre is awesome. By which we mean the book is great, and the character is amazing. When Jane Eyre was published in 1847, it was a huge hit. It really hit the controversial balance beautifully, being edgy enough to make news, but still mainstream enough to be widely popular. It was sort of like the Fight Club of it’s day, but not quite as testosterone-fueled. You’ll learn a little about the story, learn about Jane as a feminist heroine, and even get some critical analysis on how Bertha might just be a dark mirror that acts out Jane’s emotional reactions.

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Why all the glasses?

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I have seen these separate before, but I wanted to put the three together: Leonid's paintings with the TARDIS brilliantly photoshopped in. I would hang one of these in my living room without any hesitation!

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"Rose, I’ve just remembered! I can dance, I can dance"

- Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor)






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Doctor’s Regeneration